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Pineapple Chips - 4 Bags

The intense pineapple flavor and crunchy texture makes for a sweet, mouth watering snack you can enjoy without guilt!
$ 17.99 USD

Bursting with vitamin C, and that sweet, tropical flavor you love, BranchOut Pineapple Chips are the perfect nutritious snack. Made with 100% pure pineapple, these intense pineapple chips have the crunch you crave but made simply from real, dried pineapple slices.

Real Avocado Slices
100% real Hass avocados dried and seasoned to perfection.
Healthy and Delicious

Packed with healthy fats that are full of fiber and the rich, creamy avocado taste you love.

Seasoned and Full of Flavor

Cripsy, cruncy avocado slices seasoned with bold flavors.

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